Planning a Successful Open House in the Ottawa Market:

If you are selling a home in the Ottawa area, serious consideration should be given to having an open house. Hosting an open house is an ideal opportunity for sellers to expand the number of buyers to which their home is exposed; increased exposure can go a long way towards ensuring the sale of your home. Working with a real estate agent to plan an open house enables you to take advantage of their skills and knowledge. Your agent will be able to guide you in terms of scheduling and preparing your home for viewing.

Open House OttawaWhat makes a successful open house can vary depending on which part of Ottawa your open house will be held. A knowledgeable agent will know which day is likely to garner a better turn out in your community. They will attend to promoting your open house through advertising in local papers and online, flyers and street signage. Having an agent organizing your open house will relieve you from having to assemble any literature necessary for potential buyers. They will provide paperwork such as sign in sheets and handouts detailing the particulars of your home.

There are several key factors that should be adhered to in order to ensure you are getting the most out of your open house. Any repairs should be completed prior to the date and the house should be clean and free of clutter. It is often recommended that sellers “depersonalize” their homes as well; removing photos and memorabilia allows potential buyers to envision the home as their own. Be sure not to neglect the exterior of the home; lawns and gardens should be properly manicured, windows and doors should be cleaned and polished and all debris removed from steps and pathways.

There are security issues that should also be taken into consideration. Protect your valuables by having them locked away or removed from the premises. Also take care that there are no prescription drugs or firearms left accessible. Visitors should not be left unattended during their tour.

During and after the open house, your agent will be able to field buyers’ questions regarding the home and the surrounding community. Providing information about local schools, businesses, public transportation and recreational facilities can help potential buyers determine whether your home is a good fit for them.

Even if your open house does not result in an immediate offer, there are still many benefits. An open house allows you to gauge the amount of interest in your home and can give you a sense of how others view it. Through visitor feedback your agent can help you determine what changes may be necessary to increase your house’s appeal. The power of word of mouth should not be underestimated; a visitor who is not interested in your home could still potentially put the future owner in contact with your agent.

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