Sealing the Deal & After-Sale Service

Signing on home for sale

Once you accept an offer, I will guide you through meeting your obligations if there are conditions on the sale.  I’ll explain what to expect from the buyer’s home inspection.  No home is perfect, so you may see some recommended repairs on the buyer’s home inspection report. I help you determine which flaws are normal and which repairs may be necessary to seal the deal.

After the sale is firm, I provide your lawyer and your mortgage lender with all the required legal documents to close the transaction. I also collaborate with them on any issues that may be a concern before closing date so they are identified and resolved promptly.

My value-added service continues long after the ‘sold’ sign comes down. To help you facilitate a stress-free move, I can register you with a ‘concierge service’ to assist you with all the moving tasks and provide timely reminders for a seamless, stress-free move. My happy home selling gift to you!